What to Bring

  • 1 week’s worth of clothing (7 shirts, 3 pants, 2 shorts, Pajamas/sweats (3 shirts, 2 pants/shorts)

  • 2 sets of gym clothes.

  • 1 week’s worth of undergarments (underwear, socks, bras, etc.)

  • 2 sweaters, or sweatshirts.

  • 1 Jacket, and/or coat in the winter.

  • Shoes: 1 pair athletic shoes, one pair comfortable shoes (flats, etc.), and 1 pair sandals, 1 pair of slippers – no heels please!

  • Please do not bring more than $100 cash with you.

    • Comfortable clothing including work-out attire for cardio, yoga, etc.(shorts need to be no shorter than mid-thigh for both men and

  • Please bring all prescription medications with you.

    Due to laws governing prescription medications, we will send them to our pharmacy for identification and re-packaging for a nominal fee. Please do not bring any over the counter medications.

  • All medications must be dispensed by our nursing department.

    • Toiletries such as soap, shampoo, conditioner, toothbrush/paste, body lotion, deodorant (non-aerosol), feminine products, brush/comb, hair dryer, shaving items. All toiletries must be in plastic containers.

    • Portable Media Player (iPod, Mp3 player) – usage will be limited to therapeutic purposes.

  • Written list of important phone numbers (you will not have access to your cell phone during treatment).

  • Stationery, envelopes, and stamps to write letters. Small pictures of family/children (no glass in frames).

**All bags and luggage will be searched upon admission any items may be confiscated at staff discretion

Other items to Bring

  • Personal identification (e.g., state drivers license or passport)

  • Bring your insurance card, as we will need a copy for your file.

  • Bring a credit card that will be used for incidentals, supplements, medications, and outside medical costs.

What NOT to Bring

  • Camera/video recorder.

  • Sharp objects of any kind that can be used as a weapon; sewing needles, scissors, glass mirrors, etc.

  • Leave valuables such as jewelry, etc. at home. We are not responsible for lost or stolen items.

  • Food, snacks, gum, mints, beverages of any kind. These will be available for purchase when you are here.

  • Items containing alcohol such as mouthwash, perfume/cologne, aftershave, etc.

  • Any chemical liquids such as nail polish, and nail polish remover.

  • CDs, DVDs and Videos.

  • Aerosol products including deodorant and hair spray

  • Alcohol and illegal substances

  • Shirts/blouses or other attire with explicit messages or photos. Also, revealing clothing such as items showing the midriff, low-cut tops,
    tube tops, spaghetti straps, form fitting attire, short shorts (shorter than mid-thigh, two-piece bathing suits for women, no Speedos for men).

Residents do not have to bring in medications unless they are needed immediately. Residents meet with a board certified addictionologist weekly to go over and assess various medication options which would increase the quality of treatment here at Maple Mountain Recovery.

The need to maintain a productive treatment environment is of utmost importance at Maple Mountain. Items that clearly support a resident’s productive interaction while participating in their treatment include, but are not limited to, the following items listed in the PDF provided below: